Rebuilt Batteries

Rebuilt batteries are quickly becoming a popular alternative to buying factory new batteries. Our rebuilt batteries offer similar performance at about one fourth of the cost of a dealership while providing peace of mind with a 1 year 25,000 mile warranty.

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New Batteries

We purchase our new hybrid batteries directly from the manufacturer at a discount. We pass the savings on to you while still providing a warranty three times longer than that of Toyota. We recommend new hybrid batteries for the consumer who has a low mileage vehicle and wishes to maximize resale value.

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Prius Battery Repair of Houston, LLC BBB Business Review
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About Us

We specialize in replacing your defective Hybrid battery pack at a reasonable cost. If your Generation 2 or 3 Prius or Camry has been diagnosed with a defective battery by the dealer or mechanic, we can help you with the repair of your hybrid battery. We are working hard so that our services will expand to other makes and models in the near future.


Installation in your driveway.

Providing hybrid battery replacement services in Texas. Call 979-665-2395 or 844-447-7487 for more information on our mobile services.

Here are some of the locations we service: