Other Services

In addition to battery installation, Hometown Hybrids offers a variety of services to keep your hybrid on the road. Mobile installation may be available under certain circumstances.  Please call us at 979-848-6868 for more information or to schedule a repair.

Brake Actuator / Accumulator Replacement – We can diagnose and replace a faulty brake accumulator / actuator unit. We only use NEW OEM factory replacements.  Due to safety and reliability concerns, we do not recommend used or re-manufactured actuators.

Combination Meter Repair and Replacement – We can repair or replace your faulty combination meter.  In addition we offer odometer reprogramming if you purchased a combination meter from another source and the mileage is not accurate. 

Inverter Replacement

Coolant Control Valve Replacement

Engine and or Inverter Water Pump Replacement

Please call 979-848-6868 for a quote or to ask about other services offered.
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