Aaron B.

When my Prius delivered a slew of lights and messages that I didn’t understand, I took it to another place to get an estimate of what needed to be done. He gave me a long list of what was wrong with my car, including my hybrid battery, which apparently was on it’s way to its deathbed. ($3000 dollars!)
My friend sent me a link to an article, which featured a small company called Hometown Hybrids, which had lower prices than most other hybrid battery places. I set up an appointment and they came out to ME on my own time and was going to install it in my apartment garage, but after the installer, Matthew, ran a few tests, he said that my hybrid battery was actually working fine. He told me he didn’t want to waste my money and that if I didn’t need a replacement, he didn’t want to install it. (Most shops and auto-repair companies would have taken my money without any further questions!) He also seemed to know my Prius inside and out, and explained to me the battery processes. While my case wasn’t like most, because I didn’t have the battery installed, I am extremely impressed with the company’s honesty and integrity, and I highly recommend Hometown Hybrids for any issues that might come up with your pesky hybrids.

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