Rebuilt hybrid car batteries are quickly becoming a popular alternative to buying factory new batteries. Our rebuilt hybrid batteries offer similar performance at about one fourth of the cost of a dealership while providing peace of mind with a 1 year 25,000 mile warranty.

The staff at Hometown Hybrids meticulously checks all components of the HV battery during the lengthy reconditioning process to ensure the safety and integrity of the hybrid system. Additionally we road test every battery utilizing specialized diagnostic software as a final quality assurance test. In addition to being better for your wallet, rebuilt hybrid batteries are better for the environment as most components are able to be reused rather than discarded.

New Batteries with Zero Drive Miles

Our new hybrid batteries offer the same great quality you can expect from Toyota without the hassle or cost you can expect from your local dealership! In addition we offer a warranty that exceeds any warranty offered by Toyota on a replacement battery. We recommend new hybrid batteries for the customer who has a low mileage vehicle and wishes to maximize resale value.

The price we quote you is the price we charge.  All prices assume we retain your old battery core. A core charge of $1350.00 will be added if you do not have a core or wish to keep your core. Our mobile technicians will install a new or used battery in under one hour in most cases. We have seen instances where dealerships have misled customers and claimed a healthy battery should be replaced. We will not replace a battery unless it is truly necessary. We will verify that your battery is in need of replacement before any work is performed. You pay only after the service is complete and you are happy with your replacement battery. All of our NEW batteries are genuine Toyota OEM batteries. They are newly manufactured with zero miles and are the same battery you would receive if you replaced your pack at the dealership. We never use cheap knock-off modules.

Model of Car Cost Warranty
Toyota Prius 2004-2009 Rebuilt $995  1 year/25k mile
Toyota Prius C 2012-2015 NEW Genuine Toyota OEM $2399  3 year/75k mile
Toyota Prius 2004-2009 New Genuine Toyota OEM SALE $2,399  3 year/75k mile
Toyota Prius 2010-2015 Rebuilt $1,399  1 year/25k mile
Toyota Prius 2010-2015 New Genuine Toyota OEM SALE $2399  3 year/75k mile
Toyota Camry Hybrid 2007-2011 Rebuilt $1,599 1 year/25k mile
Toyota Camry Hybrid 2007-2011 New Genuine Toyota OEM  $3,199  3 year/75k mile
Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2006-2009 Rebuilt $2,199 1 year/25k mile
Nissan Altima 2007-2011 Rebuilt $1,599 1 year/25k mile
Honda Civic 2003-2005 BeeMax NEW 8Ah Cells $2,399 3 year/96k mile*

These prices include tax and installation in the Houston, Texas area. A travel fee may be applied to areas outside Houston. We cannot guarantee all products will always be in stock.*Warranty terms for the Honda Insight and Honda Civic BeeMax batteries can be found at BumbleBee Batteries, LLC